Annual Awards: A Year in Review

Reading a new article on the Puttytribe today about Emilie’s “Awards” system that she does every January, I decided I should probably start doing that just to put my year just gone into perspective and to decide on a theme or course of action for the year. So here goes;

  1. Favourite New Person – Sarah Ackles-Padalecki. An amazing lady I made friends with through Overwatch; because it’s not an entirely toxic fandom!
  2. Most Improved Friend – I’d probably have to say Jeff on this one. He might not have improved as a person, but my relationship with him has improved immensely and I’m happy to say he’s actually a friend now and not just an acquaintance.
  3. Best Memory – When I had just given birth to my son I had to be moved from a trolley onto an actual bed, and while he was still attached to me by his umbilical cord they asked did I need help transferring across. I said, and I quote; “No thanks, I got this” while basically crab walking across onto the bloody bed, the child still hanging out of me! I felt very accomplished when I did this, and it’s hilarious looking back on it too – they probably thought I was crazy!
  4. Most Exciting Moment – Seeing the inside of my OWN house after it had just been built! The floors were bare concrete, the walls weren’t even painted – but it was a house, entirely built, and it was MINE! I would own it, and never have to worry about rent, landlords or homelessness again!
  5. Most Frightening/Worst Moment – The fear when we couldn’t locate my husband’s medical files for the life insurance on our mortgage, and almost lost the house as a result! The fear was so bad! His previous GP was closing her practice and was supposed to send all her files on my husband onto the new GP, but she only sent her own case notes… Losing about 5 years of medical history! We had to chase down his historical doctors and ask big favours that they weren’t even obliged to do… So stressful!
  6. Miscellaneous Award – This would have to go to the first few weeks when we moved into our house; the local children all congregated in our garden for those few weeks as it was nice outside and they were obviously all curious about the new neighbours. My other neighbours, who would be classed as “new”, were either too cranky or too busy to deal with children in their garden so I had their company. They played with my 2 sons and just hung around for a while – it was nice 🙂
  7. Quote of the Year – My friend Jeff always comes out with hilarious jokes and stories, but 1 this year took the cake; Sean Connery is at an interview and a shelf behind him breaks, dropping books on his head. He turns around and says; “I only have myshelf to blame”. Comedy gold; I still say the punch line in my head sometimes, in Sean Connery’s accent, and laugh.
  8. Family of the Year – This has to go to the new family who live across the road from us. We don’t see them all the time, but when we first moved in they were very helpful in pointing out where all of the local amenities were, and also just letting us know about the area. They have 3 children as well whom our own get on with quite well, and they’re 1 of the only families to buy us a gift for Christmas too.
  9. Place of the Year – MY NEW HOUSE! Do I need to say anything else? We were in the news damn it!
  10. Song/Film/Game of the Year – For me this is a 3x answer; there is a song, TV series AND game that stuck out to me this year (no film unfortunately – couldn’t afford the cinema!)
    • Song – “I Just Know” by Jacob Lee. His voice is amazingly beautiful, and the song really resonates with me on an emotional level? Music has to evoke feelings for me to appreciate it a lot of the time.
    • TV Series – The Good Doctor. I love this show so much; my brother has autism, and it’s great to see some form of media express the talent that people like him can possess. It’s also like House, but with a more likeable protagonist, and I love any case based medical or crime dramas (more like Sherlock and House than Grey’s Anatomy and Blue Bloods; I hate when it focuses on the relationships instead of the actual cases…) Anyway, The Good Doctor is worth watching and I absolutely adore it!
    • Game – Overwatch. What can I say, I fell and I fell hard! I swore off it when it first came out because it was just another MOBA with an FPS perspective to mix it up… But then my niece introduced me to the diverse levels of gameplay and the LORE! All of the lore that Blizzard have published to go along with this simple MOBA adds leagues of depth to the whole thing and makes me want to jump in headfirst every time! It’s also made me start shipping again; damn Meihem!
  11. The 100% Clare Martin Award – Scott Umstead of the Blackwatch community group on Facebook. We’re only acquaintances, but his posts throughout the year have cheered me up and made me laugh so many times I couldn’t count. He’s always in character and I love it!
  12. Best Virtual Person – This would be going to Sarah, but she won best person of the year overall and I don’t think that would be fair. So I’ll give this to Edwina Ooi – she’s a lovely lady I met through the Final Fantasy Peasants Facebook group. She frequently interacts with my posts and is generally lovely to talk to 🙂
  13. Most Significant Blunder – Not paying more attention to detail in the house build. We now have a tiny kitchen because the contractors made the downstairs toilet by taking a chunk out of one corner of the kitchen rather than putting it under the stairs (which is just a big storage dump now). The master bedroom with the ensuite bathroom is smaller than the second bedroom, and with the bay window and built in wardrobes we have very little actual floor space. There’s also the fact that the built in wardrobes interfere with curtain poles being put up, and also the showers are mixers – I have to wait at least 30 minutes to and hour to have a wash, which is a nightmare for a person working with 2 children and college. How am I supposed to manage timing a shower with such a busy life!?! Anyway, this is my big blunder, not having had more input, even if it would have cost extra – it will cost even more now in the long run…
  14. Greatest Life Lesson – Don’t assume other people know what’s best for you; think about things on your own and make informed, rational decisions. Obviously it’s okay to take advice and input from others, but don’t ignore your own feelings and instincts.
  15. Accomplishments List – I’m going to do this as a simple list, it’s probably easier;
  16. To Work On Next Year – I’ll be working on my dissertation in the new year, whether I want to or not… This will be a long haul I think! I’ll probably also be working in my job to get some recognition for the work I put in – a promotion wouldn’t go amiss! Aside from these things I’ll be making sure to get my eldest son potty trained for preschool and my little one walking 🙂 The final things now that I think of it are to get my full license and bring my car insurance down, as well as getting the car through the NCT (or MOT, whatever you call it at home!)
  17. Theme Of Next Year – I think an appropriate theme would be “Completion”? All of the goals above (maybe outside of the promotion thing) require me having to complete something; a driving test, a car safety test, a dissertation, a walking training regime and a potty-training fiasco (we all know that’s what it’s going to be!) I think setting these 5 goals for myself gives me a grounding for the year ahead. I do so want to start working on lots of other projects, but at present life requires me to do these things because they’re inevitable and already in motion – I think if I complete my structured goals for this year, I can start the new year next year with the theme of “Discovery”, when I have that extra free time, free from structured goals, to explore myself and what I really want to do.


I think that wraps up this post; I hope you all had a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 🙂


Here I am again; is this a good outlet for a multipotentialite?

I don’t even know how to start writing this… I’ve been gone for many years from this place, but I’ve come back for a place to share myself. I’ve spent years working in different jobs, industries, hobbies, everything… And nothing seems to stick. I’m in a simple office job now, even as I’m typing this post, and I keep questioning what I should do with my life…

But recently, I stumbled upon the work of Emilie Wapnick and I was stunned. It was the first time I had even considered that I might be able to make my life be about more than just my job, but instead make my job about my life and everything in it that I find interest in. I’ve always felt the guilt and shame of losing interest in something and tried holding onto them but to no avail… It’s been a source of anxiety and mild depression for most of my life, I think. I’ve never sought help, because I felt it was something nobody could understand; that I couldn’t fit into what life expects of me. But when I started reading through Emilie’s site, I realised that I was not a lone wolf; there are many others like me, who have diverse interests and change their modus operandi every few years, months, or even weeks. I was not alone. I have reached out to the site, and to Emilie, and hope to become part of something bigger than me that I can feel comfortable in, even with my guilt, shame, anxiety and depression – because the source of my problems is something they all share in with me.

What’s more is that the Emilie and her “multipotentialite” have shown me the value and strength in what I do; I’m not useless because I can’t specialise in any one skill or job, but a bridge between disciplines that are so few and far between – I feel like I am the person who can help make people from different sides of any table understand one another because I’ve sat on both sides at some point. In my Myers Briggs Type Indicator I’m an ENTP, or “Debater”, and always felt it would be a difficult personality type to fit into any one profession, with their inability to stay focused on subjects for prolonged periods of time and need to address problems but then wander off when they find a new problem, leaving the previous one not completely solved… But this personality type is quintessentially a multipotentialite, and all the strengths that come with it are not only rare but sought after – the ability to synthesise multiple disciplines into new and unique solutions, to find interest everyday in new ideas and avenues, to be able to pick up new skills quicker and easier than others just because you’re so used to change that life without it wouldn’t be living.

So here I am, yet again, doing something new (or old; this is an old college blog that I’m rebooting). In the new year my resolution was to just use this blog as an outlet for all of my projects, hobbies – just whatever I happen to be doing. Or thinking – I think a lot. I couldn’t wait for new year however, as life has been weighing on me and this was one thing I felt I could vent to relieve pressure. With a husband suffering from work-related stress and depression, 2 very young children, a new mortgage, a full-time desk job with a part-time evening course to complete a masters as well, something had to give…

At this point I feel I’m rambling, so I should probably wrap it up – but not before saying that I feel like this blog could go somewhere for me. I can’t promise that; I might lose interest, like I’ve done with so many new pet projects in the past, but I’m being optimistic – with a blog like this I can share my projects with everyone, even if they change all the time, and have 1 constant thing in my life to give me some grounding when the guilt of losing interest threatens to overwhelm me again. I hope people will read it, though I’m not holding out much hope – I’m sure I’ll probably be the only person to read this, but it’s important that it’s written just so I can share all of these feelings with the world. I just can’t hold them anymore.

Sixth Web Applications Class Post (Final Class)

Wednesday 11th of January, 2012.

Today was the last working day for the website. My website is more or less finished now as I’ve edited it a lot based on feedback from my lecturer. I’ve made the website have a better information design layout, and I’ve edited some of the language as well to make it seem more upmarket and not just the work of a school child. I will be adding a conclusion on the final submission day of my website (January 25th), but I will be editing some minor things in the mean-time. I’m very happy with the website and am glad to have such a great portfolio for prospective employers when I leave college.

Screenshot of the Contact page from that day.


Other screen shots from that day:

Research Page

Handwashing Project Page

CHI Project Page

Fifth Web Applications Class Post

Wednesday 14th of December, 2011.

Today I got a lot of work done. I designed new graphics for my website, which I’m very proud of because I feel that they’re more personal than they were originally, which was the problem I was having with the design aspect of my site. I still have no feedback on whether or not they are suitable as my lecturer couldn’t be with me today (she had important 4th year projects to help with), but hopefully the next time I see her she will be able to tell me. I also fixed all of my links to my work on the pages so that they don’t download directly, but open as a PDF file in a separate tab in the internet window instead. This means that anyone looking at the page won’t be using up space on their hard drives downloading my work, they can just view it online. The only unfortunate problem is that I’ve accidentally lost my mnemonics poster PDF file, which I will need to upload again when I get home (as it’s not stored on this computer). Overall it was a very good session for me.

Screenshot of Home Page from that day.

Links to other screen shots from that day:

Expressive Type

Handwashing Project Page

Handwashing Project PDF open

Fourth Web Applications Class Post (from home)

Wednesday 7th of December, 2011.

Today I was at home with the flu unfortunately, so I did not go to class as I was not well enough to. But I did change my contacts page a little from at home when I had the time. I added my LinkedIn profile for prospective employers to go to. That’s pretty much all I did, as I didn’t have the energy for much else unfortunately. By next week’s post I hope to have  new graphics made to put up.

Third Web Applications Class Post

Wednesday 30th of November, 2011.

Today I got a lot of work done. I have most of my data up now, and I just have to work on smaller niggly things, and also the individualistic side of things. I find that wordpress can be quite difficult to use when it comes to HTML, as it won’t allow SWF files or video links to be embedded; instead you have to follow the link to view them. I also hope I can make a really nice creative style for the website, as apparently the style I’ve created isn’t unique enough, which I’m quite upset about. However, I was also told that my home page introduction is one of the best in class, so at least I got something right.

Screenshot of Home page from that day.


These are links to other screen shots from the day:

Contact Page

Other Innovations Page

Expressive type slideshow


Second Web Applications Class post

Wednesday 23rd of November, 2011.

In today’s class I made some headers which are yet to be completed, so they are not up yet. I actually spent a lot of the class helping the instructors to look for a suitable website to host our SWF files, and trying to figure out how to embed them. Not much actual visual work was done today, so I see no point in adding screenshots. I do hope to get a lot more work done in the future.

My draft Home page header from this day





And the links below will bring you to the other header drafts:

Website Design

Research Reports

Other Innovations

Multimedia Work

Contact Details